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Massage Therapy FAQs

Chiropractic Massage Therapy FAQs

If you’re experiencing back pain or neck pain, the discomfort can limit your mobility and affect your quality of life. At Stanfield Chiropractic in Ocala, FL, we offer various treatments, including massage therapy, to alleviate your aches and help you feel your best. Before visiting us, take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding massage therapy below:

Massage Therapy

How Does Therapeutic Massage Differ from a Regular Massage?

You may be wondering how a massage from our chiropractor differs from one provided by a massage therapist. The answer is related to how the massage is administered. A regular massage helps you relax and lowers stress. A therapeutic massage, on the other hand, focuses on eliminating your symptoms and addressing the underlying causes of your discomfort.

What Conditions Does Massage Therapy Address?

Chiropractic massage therapy can be effective for a variety of conditions, such as back pain, sciatica, arthritis, and stress. The therapy can reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and help healing nutrients flow to the affected region.

What Type of Massage Techniques Does a Chiropractor Use?

Our chiropractor utilizes various massage techniques, such as deep tissue and Swedish, to reduce your aches. For example, if you need back pain treatment, our chiropractor can modify the massage to address that specific issue. More than one method may be used during your session to help you feel better.

What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Individuals often seek massage therapy because it relieves pain, but it is not the only reason to consider this treatment. In addition to pain relief, the therapy can loosen stiff joints and strengthen muscles so you can engage in physical activities. Additionally, it is safe and non-invasive, which means medications and surgery are not required to help you heal. There are also no adverse side effects, so you can return to your normal routine after the treatment.

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