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Chiropractic Adjustments

We at Stanfield Chiropractic, your chiropractor in Ocala, FL, provide different services, including chiropractic adjustment and spinal manipulation for neck and back pain. Whether you’re dealing with whiplash and need treatment for auto accident injury, we are here to help you find relief.


Spinal Alignment

If you need to improve your spinal health, a spinal adjustment performed by a chiropractor near you might be what you are looking for. From the muscles to the joints, the right spinal manipulation may help reduce and relieve an assortment of conditions that lead to pain and discomfort.

How Chiropractic Adjustment Helps You

Whether it’s daily migraines and headaches or neck pain, the right form of chiropractic care may provide you with the relief you need. A spinal adjustment can help ease tension headaches and relieve the pain associated from whiplash and other common injuries. We’ll also provide you with lifestyle advice to help give you the tools you need to start the healing process. Corrective exercises may also be provided to help prevent the pain from returning.

Potential Relief from Stress

Regular visits to a chiropractor near you might also help to reduce stress hormones in the body. We can also give you advice about how you can manage stress in your daily life to better prevent muscle tension from contributing to your pain.


A chiropractic adjustment can also help improve your posture. Poor posture can lead to a variety of issues, including back pain, spinal dysfunction, and neck pain. Thankfully, the right type of spinal manipulation can help improve your posture over time to prevent these issues. It may also help to reduce the risk of injury, improve digestion, and more.

Get Chiropractic Care and Spinal Manipulation from a Chiropractor Near You to Help with Spinal Alignment

If you need a chiropractor in Ocala, FL, contact us at Stanfield Chiropractic today at (352) 873-7563 to get holistic care for auto accident injury. Call us for chiropractic care and spinal manipulation from a chiropractor near you.