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Herniated Disc

Did you get that annoying back or neck pain from a herniated disc? At Stanfield Chiropractic in Ocala, we can fix it! We are pros at sorting out herniated discs and creating treatment plans just for you so you can get back to feeling great. Here's some more detailed information about herniated discs and how our office can help out.


Understanding Herniated Discs

Picture your spine as a tower of blocks, with cushiony bits in between each block—kind of like mini pillows. These cushions are strong on the outside but soft inside. When a herniated disc occurs, that soft inner part bulges out through a weak spot in the tough outer layer. It's a bit like poking your finger through a balloon—it doesn't stay where it should.

This bulge can hassle the nearby nerves, causing pain, tingling, or numbness. It often happens when your back faces a lot of strain, like lifting heavy items with not-so-great technique. Plus, as time goes on, those cushions naturally wear down, much like how things change as we get older. These everyday bits and pieces might just team up to lead to that bothersome herniated disc!

Herniated Disc Treatment

Ever wondered if a chiropractor could help with a herniated disc? Here our chiropractors have some tricks up their sleeves that don't involve surgery to ease the pain. Such herniated disc treatment plans could include spinal decompression therapy—it takes off the pressure from your disc, makes the pain less, and helps your body heal by itself. We also use treatments like massage therapy that aim to ease the pressure on the sore areas, giving those discs a chance to get back in place.

Treatment can help ease the pressure on the nerves, making the discomfort less. Plus, our chiropractors might make gentle adjustments to straighten up your spine, making things move better and making the pain from the herniated disc more bearable. These methods, along with treatments like using heat or ice, may help your body heal itself naturally and aim for relief that sticks around for a while.

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